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我只是一名普通的安全爱好者 & 学生@SDPCSEC & 安全研究员@XIAORANG.LAB,我的所学基本都来自信息安全社区和自己的研究。通过这个博客,我将分享部分安全知识。

I am just an ordinary student@SDPCSEC & security researcher@XIAORANG.LAB & security enthusiast, and what I have learned basically comes from the information security community and my own research. Through this blog, I will share some knowledge of cyber security.

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  • Cyber Security: Penestration, Security Research.
  • Programmer: C/C++, C#, Python, JAVA, PHP, Nodejs.
  • CTF: Web.
  • Weapon: QSZ-92, Type 54 Pistol, NRP-9.

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